08 June 2007

Eye on iTunes

iTunes, the predominant site for downloading music and video debuted its "iTunes U" recently to much acclaim. Otis was one of only 16 colleges in the country to be included by Apple as a "launch" school and the only professional school of art and design. Visitors to the site can download lectures, features on world culture and current events and lots of "how to" pieces including a whole series by Otis faculty and staff on everything from drawing fundamentals to how to attend a National Portfolio Day.

The launch has been covered by several media outlets including The Chronicle of Higher Education, Technorati and The Daily Galaxy.

So have a look for yourself! If you have iTunes, just open it up and look for the iTunes U section. If you need to get iTunes first, just start here.

Like what you see? Let me know! Have a request for Otis content, tell me what it is.

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Sue Maberry said...

Just to clarify. Actually iTunesU has existed for some time. But you had to go through each college or university to get to it. The "launch" was about including iTunesU with the iTunes STORE. It's now another link when you go to the store. And, EVERYONE goes to the iTunes store. That's why Otis jumped from 39 downloads one week to 5,000 downloads the week of the launch!